How Digital Marketing Works In The Automotive Industry

Digital marketing is a service which provides companies with the knowledge and experience on how to improve their visibility online, including on search engines and social media platforms.

For a company which is in the automotive industry, including in the second hand cars sector, digital marketing is almost a new idea as for so long it was something which didn’t necessarily need that much marketing or too much online exposure.

Things have changed and because of this, the way the motoring industry needs to market has to be changed as well.

Email Marketing

Email marketing will require you to have access to individual’s email addresses, allowing you to provide information on your dealership, as well as your cars and services which you provide.

It is stated that about 75% of adults prefer emails as this is the platform which they use most frequently.

You are also able to provide them with content and opportunities such as videos,  updates on new car models and drive test bookings.

If you’re a dealership that wants to sell second hand cars, this form of marketing is a great benefit.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a service in digital marketing which synthesises the best keywords for your website, which will be used in your website pages, helping you to rank higher on search engines, such as Google.

This means that when someone searches a word or phrase such as “buy used cars across South Africa”, for example,  the likelihood your website will pop up on the first page of a search engine is quite good.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about ensuring that your website, and the content on there, is providing the right amount of information, using as few words as possible.

The reason for this is that if it is oversaturated, people who have visited the site will feel overwhelmed with what is going on and will back out.

Being able to answer client’s questions in a simple way, will improve the amount of engagement on the site.

This will also improve the confidence of clients towards your business.

A platform such as has helped to bridge the gap between client and dealership, allowing them to connect, while indirectly providing digital marketing through giving the dealers an alternative space where they can be found, increasing their clientele.

Mobile Targeted Marketing

Ensuring that your website is made for mobile use, meaning that it is optimised for smartphones, is a huge plus in the eyes of the consumer, as most people have a smartphone, and use it quite regularly.

Second Hand Cars is a business which provides mobile targeted marketing for your business in the sense that their site can be reached, and is optimised for, both on a laptop or on a smartphone.

If you are a dealer, you need to ensure that your site is optimised in this way, and you should take a look at how can benefit your business.


Copywriting, also known as article writing, is a service which utilises the keywords found by the SEO team, in order to create content which can be viewed by clients and potential clients, while using the keywords throughout the article.

This not only offers insight and information on your business, it also helps to rank your website even better.

If you are in the market to sell second hand cars,  this is a great way to explain what exactly your business provides.

Target Market

Understanding your target market is highly important has knowing who you are selling second hand cars to will help you to market to the right people, while still not marketing too specifically. has done the work in terms of compiling the right way to find the target market you are looking for, meaning that with a fully optimised website on your own,  while also using the company, you will increase your exposure and engagement.


Tips For Dealerships When Using Digital Marketing

Establish Your Brand

A key area you need to look at is establishing your brand as this is the only way that your reputation will start to improve in itself.

By setting a professional image, while also delivering what you say you will deliver is a great way to build confidence with your clients, as well as a huge part of attracting potential customers.

Attract Potential Clients

If your goal is to attract customers that want to buy used cars across South Africa you need to have a brand that is all about second hand vehicles and is able to answer questions about such cars.

Its no use selling a product or service, when at the end of the day you know nothing about it, and on top of that, you don’t offer anything which other businesses offer.

By using you are able to add a different component into not only your digital marketing, but also an alternative way for clients to find and use your dealership.

Building An Understanding

Building an understanding of what you provide and what your clients want is a great way to ensure that your business is working towards supplying what is required.

Your dealership sells second hand cars, however, what is the market looking like, what is the carbon tax on the vehicles, is the season right to sell cars and how will these models affect the life of the consumer.

These are questions which you need to keep in mind in order to provide the right second hand car.

Relationship With Your Target Market

When you have an understanding about what your clients want, you are now able to build a relationship with them, which is better for business.

You have to listen to what they are saying as their perspective is what you will be able to use when trying to cater to them.

By reading reviews and comments, you will see the way they see the world and the industry, or specifically how they view second hand cars.


Finding the right mixture of content to give to your clients and potential clients is where you will see the best results.

This sweet spot will benefit you in terms of engagement and overall exposure, as with too much content, such as weekly videos, it may be something which clients engage with, but is it adding value.

If it is too little, your clients or potential clients will not have any engagement, decreasing their care for what your content has to say.


Digital Marketing Has Changed The Way People Are Buying Vehicles


Competition is not as important as keeping people entertained in what your business offers that other businesses might not.

However, in a  way this form of competition is based more so on providing something which clients can sink their teeth into,  rather than believing that simply by having a reputable name or second hand cars, your business will be fine.

Be sure to fight for the attention of your clients, as this is what matters most these days.


Another important factor is that people care more about the environment, and decreasing their own environmental impact where they can, which is why they want to know more about how the car they will purchase will affect the planet.

Second hand cars are not the kind we are used to seeing in movies, in fact, cars in general are being designed to be more eco-friendly than vehicles of the past.

Providing this information is a key ingredient to getting more clientele, as well as improving brand loyalty.


Safety features, as well as having knowledge on them, and information on how to better improve such, is a great way to attract customers as they want to know that you care.

Today, safety has improved immensely in vehicles across the board, however, being told about such features is an additional benefit to getting clients on your side. provides you with a platform to meet your clients, but you will have to do the groundwork.


Being open and honest with your clients is something which every business should hold close to they heart and especially when trying to sell second hand cars, as being transparent is a good way to ensure that both you and your client are getting the best out of the entire negotiation.

No Guarantee Of Success

As mentioned above, the days of simply having a big dealership or firm is not good enough anymore in terms of attracting clientele.

Your business needs to put in the work to get the potential engaged and caring about your business and the fact that you want them to buy used cars, making them want to actually purchase one.

You will see better results in sales and in engagement when you make yourself available and provide the right answers to your clients.

New Ways To Create Value

Value does not come solely from the product which you are selling anymore, it comes from that connection, or at least a feeling of a connection between the client and yourself.

Providing them with content which provides information and makes them feel as if you are welcoming them into a sort of family, while still providing high quality second hand cars, is why loyalty persists.

Be sure to check out in order to see how they can connect you with potential customers and how they will be able to improve the way in which you can build relationships with them.


The Way Cars Are Researched


The major reason why digital marketing will work in your favour is simply because of the fact that people use the internet more and more.

This is where they get practically all of their information, spending hours upon hours online, mostly for entertainment purposes, but also to get information on potential purchases.

This is why content is king as if you can make it entertaining, informative and beneficial to the end user, you will be attracting people faster and easier.

By you giving more than just the fact that you sell second hand cars, you will get more in return.


Discussed briefly above, reviews are also a great place to find information about a dealership and their service.

If you read the reviews, you will not only find out what people think of you, but you can also see where your business can improve.

The old saying goes, the customer is always right and if they aren’t happy with your product and service, the truth is that you will hear about it.

Looking At All Of The Details

Customers are offered more information on the specs of pretty much anything they want to purchase, giving them a better perspective of what is the preferable buy.

Your job here is to give them the same access to information, while also looking at the trends and what will sell better and what is economically and environmentally sustainable.

Dealerships Have To Have The Answers

As a dealership, you have to have all of the answers, however, there is no use having all the answers but no way of providing it to your customers.

This is why your website needs to be updated constantly, giving new information to your clients and potential clients all the time.

This is also why working with a business such as is such an important factor in what you are trying to accomplish.

Contact Second Hand Cars For More Information

Through the use of, a platform which helps to connect clients with dealerships and vice versa, your business will find more solid relationships being built with your consumers.