Insuring with King Price is so cheap and simple, it feels strange.

The good kind of strange. Make every cent and second count with the king of insurance.

Get a mind-blowing car insurance quote

Get up to 20% off when you insure 2+ cars

There's a great new way to save! It's called 'multiple car discount' and it's exactly what it sounds like... The more cars you comprehensively cover with us, the more discount you get!

Here's how it works:

      1 car = super cheap insurance.
      2 cars = up to 10% discount on both cars.
      3 cars = up to 15% discount on all 3 cars.
      4+ cars = up to 20% discount on all your cars.

Why choose the king of insurance

Premiums that decrease monthly, royal service, and so much more
Car insurance premiums that decrease monthly

You know that your car loses value every month, right? So why pay premiums that only ever increase? We’re the first and only insurer to offer comprehensive car insurance premiums that decrease monthly as the value of your car depreciates! We just think it’s the strangely simple way insurance should be done.

No bogus 'no claim bonus'

We just wouldn’t feel good about increasing your premiums in order to give you some of your own money back if you don’t claim. Nope, instead all our clients benefit from super cheap premiums and instant savings from the get-go… And you should too.