If you are a first time buyer of a second hand car then you might be worried about whether or not you should go for it, as you may have read reports or articles that second hand cars can sometimes come with a whole host of issues.

Using an established used car dealership, which you can find on the Second Hand Cars website, could be one of the smartest things you will ever do. The reason for this is that you will get a quality car for a lower price, and the likelihood of the car being completely unable to drive is pretty much a zero.

Of course, choosing to use a platform such as SecondHandCars.co.za will leave you with less stress than if you decide to buy a second hand car from a random independent seller.

The platform is used in order to allow for the connection of a client and a dealership, with an easy site that is intuitive and will allow you to compare car make, model and prices, from selected dealers.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to buy used vehicles online or not, the fact is that you need to be aware of that your car needs to be maintained and will need to be serviced.

This goes without saying as even a brand new car will eventually need to go for a service and maintenance check ups every so often.

If you don’t service your vehicle, second hand car or not, you will be in a position where your car is in a bad place, with all of the blame on your shoulders, because you thought it best not to go for a check up.

Maintenance on your car is also essential in the sense that it increases the lifespan of your vehicle. This gives you the ability to have the car in your possession for years to come, making it a great buy.

Having said this, and whether you have purchased a used car or are simply thinking about the possibility of doing so, be sure to read these six tips on how to service your car.

These could help you when you buy a second hand car, as well as in general, increasing your knowledge of what to look out for.

The tips are, reading the manual, keeping the oil clean, keep the car clean, get your car serviced, change your fluids and finally, check your tyres.


Reading The Manual

Reading your manual is a huge benefit in terms of understanding your second hand car. We might find it laborious and in a sense boring, however, taking the time out of your day to understand what your car actually has.

When looking to purchase a used car, always see if the manual is available as it will help you in learning everything you need to know about the vehicle. In most instances the manual will be in the glove compartment, with all of the information you need.

On top of this, when checking the main points on a vehicle, you will have a better understanding, as well as a guide to help you. This will help to spot what is working and what may not be.

Be sure to check it out and get to know your car, you might be driving it for a number of years to come.

Keep The Oil Clean

Oil is an important material which keeps the car working at the top level. Without it, your car will  be in a place where it will begin to deteriorate and damages can start to occur.

What you don’t want is old, dirty oil sitting in your second hand car as it will most definitely affect the entire function of the vehicle, limiting its drivability and its lifespan.

As much as you may be getting a second hand car, meaning that the purchase price was cheaper, you are still making an investment into the vehicle, spending your own money to acquire it.

The worst thing you could do is waste your own time by keeping old oil sitting in the car for too long, with substances affecting the internal components every single time you drive.

Your engines moving parts will be badly affected if you do not change your oil, which therefore will begin to affect your engine, something which is not only difficult to replace in some instances, but is also costly.

The last thing you want is for your newly bought used car to break down in a matter of weeks, meaning that you would be spending more money in the end, in some cases close to as much as you would to buy a brand new model.


Keep The Car Clean

Something which is a huge benefit to you and your car is keeping it as clean as possible, both inside and outside, which is not only healthier for you and your passengers, it is also a great boost in the overall aesthetic of your car.

In terms of health, if there is dirt, dust and other materials laying around in your car, the increase in the chance that insects, such as flies, bringing themselves to your car will ensure that there is a higher chance of germs and disease.

The smell of your car is also very important as the air quality will be affected by any bad smells, which will affect the air that you are breathing in. This will affect your mental and physical health, simply because it is not clean enough.

Regardless of whether the car is second hand or not, the best thing to do is go for regular washes and cleans, vacuuming and waxing, which will leave your car looking and smelling brand new.

If this isn’t your style, cleaning and washing the inside and outside of your car on your own is also a good way to maintain the quality and cleanliness of your vehicle.

It is also a therapeutic form of work as it is almost a kind of bonding session with your vehicle, which is a beautiful thing to have, especially if you have recently bought it.

Cleaning the outside of your car also helps in decreasing the chance of scratches and nicks, which helps to keep your second hand car looking as brand new as possible.

Above this, taking pride in your car’s appearance is something which we should all do because it is an extension of ourselves. When your car’s appearance matches your own appearance, that being well kept, it is a great representation of yourself.

Be sure to get into contact with Second Hand Cars for more information on acquiring your very own second hand car, so that you can get the joy of driving in it, as well as cleaning it.


Get Your Car Serviced

One of the main reasons as to why second hand car owners, as well as general car owners, suffer with a lot of problems with their vehicle is that they don’t get it serviced when that time comes.

This is a big no no, especially if your car hasn’t come straight out of the box. Even if it has, it important to get your car serviced, while also checking if it needs any touchups or improvements on its interior.

Much like cleaning your car, servicing your car is a great way to stay on top of the health aspects, that being your own health, as well as the health of the car.

Some people don’t get their used car serviced for years and it works perfectly, however, when it stops working so perfectly, a whole host of problems can start to appear.

This will require you to fork out a lot of money which could have been avoided had you chosen to get your car serviced when it was meant to.

A good tip is to go and get your car serviced every 10 000 kilometres, meaning that when your kilometres ticks over to this amount, you should book an appointment.

Your health could be at risk if your car begins to malfunction during a long trip, something which could affect not only your life, but the lives of others around you.

Another health risk is the toxicity of the fumes which could affect you in a physical and mental way.

This general rule helps in terms of keeping track of your service time which will help you to make sure that your second hand car is working at its best.

Change Your Fluids

Fluids are as important as your oil as it makes sure that your car is not overheating and that the gears are working perfectly.

The lubrication factor of fluids is what keeps the car moving steadily and smoothly. It also ensures that the engine parts are working correctly, giving the engine what it needs to power the entire vehicle.

Second Hand Cars has made it their mission to find the right dealerships who sell high quality second hand vehicles, however, you still need to do your own checks and maintenance, ensuring that the fluids, including oil, and the water is at the right level and is as clean as possible.

Second hand cars can sometimes prove to not have the right fluid levels, or the fluids are older, meaning that the best thing to do is change them right away.

If you want to buy used vehicles online, and keep the car for a number of years, then your best bet is to focus on maintenance.


Check Your Tyres

Tyres are what keep your car attached to the road during sunny and rainy weather. They are very important, however, what is more important is the quality of the tyres under your car.

If they are flat, or in any way damaged, they will cause big issues for you, some of which could be a long term issue, damaging the undercarriage or other parts of the car.

The best thing to do the buying a second hand car is to ensure that the tyres are at the right pressure level, thickness and that the traction is good. This will save you time, in terms of having to go out and find the right mechanic, as well as money, in order to now go and find tyres.

Tyres are not cheap and so doing the right thing and checking up on their quality is what will save you in the long run.

If you’re looking for good deals on used cars which have tested the tyres of the vehicles, then visit SecondHandCars.co.za.

The reason why you need your tyres to be in tip top shape is that at any point anything can happen on the road.

If you need to navigate a windy road during rain or if you need to slam on your brakes to stop your car, your tires need to be high quality in order to safely navigate the roads.

Alignment is also a huge factor in tyres as if this is off, your car may be swaying from side to side on the road.

This is no good, specially during the holiday month of December, where you may be travelling long distances down to the coast.

Being able to prevent any soft tyres or flat tyres before they happen is a lot better than sitting with the problem after the fact.


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