The Motoring Women of the Year Awards is an event which Second Hand Cars would like to celebrate. This includes the celebration of the victories from women involved. It is an event which is produced by creators of Women-Torque online Motoring Magazine.

The motor industry has seen an increase of women in the workplace. This includes women in the engineering field all the way to women in the sales team of dealerships.

In fact, we have even seen a greater rise in women who purchase cars as a result of the improvement of equality. The award is by no means a marketing campaign but a serious acknowledgement of the hard work and determination that goes into being a leading lady in the motor industry.

Second Hand Cars is a digital platform company and supports the effort towards a more equal marketplace.

The contribution of women in the industry deserves praise and consideration. As such, the awards look to enhance the visibility of women in the motoring industry and to push for more channels to open.

The South African award is a national event which is powered by MFC. The Division of Nedbank has made it possible for more women to get far more opportunities than they have in the past. This is not to mention women who are qualified and skilled in their field who were overlooked simply due to gender.

The awards are making the industry jump in a positive way. It has in many ways made the motoring industry have to take a hard look at what they are doing to move towards a more progressive space.

Second Hand Cars is of the opinion that diversity and equality is something which is a right. In many ways the act of promoting both facets does not deserve credit. Rather, the women in the field deserve all of the praise.

The future of women in the motoring industry looks to be one that will only improve.

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