This Second Hand Cars article explores why the VW Golf has such popularity within the motorcar community. The analysation of the vehicle may come off as a kind of love letter in some ways. What can we say? Simply put, they’re beautiful vehicles.

The Volkswagen Golf is the Beetle for the younger generations. The brand loyalty that the model contains is like no other. Moreover, it is a vehicle which has stood the test of time in terms of aesthetic and performance.

For starters, the hatchback style has become synonymous with the Golf. It is a symbol of what the vehicle represents. In fact, many speculate that although hatchbacks were around before the Golf, the model made it popular.

If you take your mind back to the MK1 Golf, the hatchback shape holds a special heart to all those who have owned it. Moving ahead, the MK1 Citi Golf is a part of the South African culture since its emergence in the mid 1980s.

Even today, as a second hand car, the vehicle offers high performance and still has an amazing aesthetic to it.

Another contribution is the variety of options in engines. The original GTI incorporated a 1.6l fuel injected engine. The engine was able to produce 80kW of power, and could reach a speed of up to 181kmh. For the late 1970s and early 80s, this was a revelation.

As time has gone on, the evolution of the engine has ensured that the GTI remains as one of the faster VW Golfs on the market.

Do you remember the Golf R32? The year 2002 brought the Golf into the racing world. The car, which can still be purchased today as a second hand car offered the highest engine power that was ever put inside of a Golf.

What Golf has always been able to do is innovate. Moreover, their innovation has never comprised the drivability and safety that the models offer.

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