Finding a respectable business which sells second hand cars can often be difficult.

With risks such as cars which may have been stolen, as well as cars which may not be in working order, buying a car can be a stressful experience.

The benefit of buying from a proper second hand car dealership is a guarantee that the cars up for sale have been serviced and analysed.

This is don’t to make sure that they are completely legal and able to be driven.

Adding to this, you have the ability to send the car back if there is anything which you are not happy with.

Buying second hand cars from a random person can lead you to realising the car has problems.

You will be spending more time and money trying to fix the car rather than actually driving it. has worked tirelessly in order to provide cars which are up to code.

On top of this, their belief is that buying a car should be a happy experience rather than a strenuous one.

If you are looking for used cars for sale across South Africa, your best bet is to get into contact with Second Hand Cars.

The convenient thing about Second Hand Cars is that they have done their homework in terms of selecting the right dealers of cars, making sure that there is no funny business.

The ability to browse through their selection of used vehicles online makes selecting your dream car far simpler.

The idea of purchasing a second hand car is that it is supposed to be cheaper, easier and safe.

If you are looking for this, then your best bet is to visit

Although choosing to browse the website will leave you feeling much happier about buying your second hand car, there are a few tips in how to ensure you are picking the right one.


1. Setting Your Budget & Car Needs

Before going down to a dealership, you should already know what the maximum amount is which you are willing to spend.

By accepting that there may have to be some maintenance and repairs done on a second hand car, will ensure that you are keeping your bank balance in check.

If you are looking for a specific type of car, for your needs, then don’t waver in terms of the functions which the second hand cars are providing.

Focus on working with your budget, rather than spending on something which looks nice, as this will have you buying what will work for your requirements.


2. Be Flexible

When buying a car it is always important to have a list of second hand cars which you would like to see, rather than setting your sights on one specific model and make.

Being flexible, and having options, will allow you to purchase a car with your brain rather than your heart. Something which many poor souls have unfortunately done in their time.


3. Research, Research, Research

Doing research will help you to understand what type of second hand car you are buying.

This process will help you to understand what exactly the car provides, such as petrol consumption, power and its roadworthiness.

This is important when looking at used cars for sale, as you will be dealing with cars which have been on the road, some for a longer period of time than others.

A website which can be used is

The website scans the VIN Number or the licence plate, instantly telling you if there is anything shady about the car, such as if it is stolen or if it was recently in an accident.


4. Maintenance

When browsing the selection of cars on the best thing to do is take a look at how often certain cars have to be maintained.

This includes their water and oil, as certain cars can have issues that others don’t typically have.

Being able to understand which second hand cars need what, will allow you to do some homework on how much certain services will cost.


5. Choose Established Dealers

Second Hand Cars have shown time after time why they are regarded as one of the most reputable used car dealers.

Their attention to detail and always putting the customer and their needs before them, is why they are one of the top second hand car dealers in South Africa.

As mentioned above, certain places have used cars for sale across South Africa, however, these cars may have been stolen.

You will have to sit and try to explain how exactly the car ended up in your garage.

If you are looking for a used car then your safest bet is to visit


6. Ask Questions; the Right Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when buying a second hand car, from the nitty gritty all the way to the obvious, this is your future car and you need to know everything about it.

You can ask the right questions as well such as, why is the car being sold? Has it been used for long trips? Has it been in for a service? Do the breaks work? Has it been in any accidents?

These are important things to know as your money is on the line, not only in terms of buying the second hand car, but also if you have to keep on repairing it.


7. Safety

Safety is one of the biggest things when buying a car.

If the car has any issues there is a chance that it could land you in an accident.

Another factor when buying second hand cars is that when going to pick up the car, there are dangers in terms of being involved in a dodgy set up.

Make sure that you take someone along with you, but most importantly, ensure that you are buying from a reputable used car business.

The truth is that you are better off looking to buy used vehicles online from an honest business, as opposed to going to an unknown dealer or buying from a private seller.