Second Hand Cars is a digital platform which has connected dealerships and clients. The company is a supporter of the fight for equality in the workplace, which includes the automotive industry.

Women have found in the past that the hurdles they have to jump in the industry makes it nearly impossible to break in. Due to the fact that there are stereotypes still held by certain people, women aren’t seen to add value to the market.

Where this is a ludicrous mentality it still is something which women have to face. As time has gone on, there has been an increase of women in the industry. This includes within the engineering space as well as in the dealership area.

The fact is that women have always played a part in the automotive industry. This part has come without any validation or praise unfortunately. Nevertheless, women found themselves in factories during both World Wars having to manufacture and build vehicles for both war and commercial use.

Their duty to ensuring the economy and their countrymen were supported was never recognised. Fast forward to the 21st Century and women still have a small percentage in the motor industry.

The percentage of women working in the industry has increased whether it be in second hand car sales or in other fields. The continued determination of women has seen far more respect and equality being shown.

The Motoring Women Of The Year Awards showcases the expertise and skills which women offer to the space. The awards are not some marketing tactic, however, instead it is a genuine showcase of the talents of women in the industry.

With more women taking their right to work in the space, there will be more development, new ideas and changes.

Likewise, there is an increase in the number of women buying vehicles than every before. Society is shifting to a more equal and level playing field. This does not mean the fight is over.

Second Hand Cars supports the movement towards a more diverse and equal society. When everyone is given an opportunity to realise their dream, we will live in a world where nothing is impossible.

Happy Women’s Month.

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